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Prevail Sports Academy

“Deserve Victory”

The Prevail Sports Academy gives athletes the physical and mental preparation they need to perform at an elite level during the season.  Athletic performance is built upon the foundation of 4 pillars.  The first is the athlete’s Genetic Quotient, or natural born potential.  This pillar determines the heights of achievement each athlete is ultimately capable of achieving; but just as a building supported by one pillar is unstable, so is the performance of an athlete who relies solely on talent for success.  To perform his/her best, the elite athlete must develop the other 3 pillars of athletic performance.

To earn victory, you must first deserve victory by preparing your body and your mind.  The superior athlete must have outstanding sport-specific skills, physical conditioning, and mental prowess.  Skills are learned from coaches and teammates, but proper physical conditioning and mental preparation techniques require considerable attention from the athlete if he/she is to consistently perform at an elite level.  The Prevail Sports Academy focuses on the 9 areas of physical conditioning: Power, Strength, Speed, Agility, Coordination, Quickness, Functional Flexibility, Local Muscular Endurance, and Cardiovascular Aerobic Capacity and Endurance.  Our aim is not only to have each athlete reach his/her individual best, but to strengthen that athlete’s body to lessen the incidence of injury in competition.

The mental component of sport is where superior athletes shine.  At The Prevail Sports Academy, we will give athletes strategies to acquire the mental edge they need to perform their best.  From strategies for mental skill rehearsal, positive self-talk and pre-game preparation to relaxation techniques, managing pressure and rebounding from disappointment during competition – The Prevail Sports Academy prepares athletes to perform at the next level of competition and deserve victory.

You will train:



Functional Flexibility
Local Muscular Endurance
Cardiovascular Aerobic Capacity

Mental skill rehearsal
Positive self-talk
Pregame Mental Preparation

Managing Game Pressure
Relaxation Techniques
Dealing with Disappointment