MMA and Sports Conditioning


Training with Albert laid the foundation for what has become a very promising MMA career. He is patient, inspiring, and truly passionate about martial arts. I feel fortunate to have trained under him.
N. Beckstrom, Currently Ranked #5 in MMA in Europe in his weight class


Albert was my first submission wrestling coach and introduced me to the world of MMA. As a coach myself, I know what it takes to lead others. I’ve trained with Division I wrestling coaches, Olympic wrestling coaches, and Ivy League wrestling coaches – and I put Albert among the best.
M. Abdurakmanov, Wrestling Coach, Harvard University


As a police officer, my ability to defend myself can make the difference between life and death. The techniques I learned from Albert were simple enough to learn and apply in a variety of situations – and in some situations, I can say that I owe my life to his teachings.
M. Pepperman, Police Detective


Once I started training with Albert, I could see an immediate difference in my game. Not only was I better prepared physically, but I also felt a mental edge that allowed me to excel and propel my team to the city championship.
D. Smith, Former Baseball Player – Current Attorney


I had taken Martial Arts for over 15 years before training with Albert. I was very impressed with his depth of knowledge, teaching style, and genuine care for his students. I only wish I had begun training with him earlier.
M. Fath, Rock Guitarist



When I first started in the Lean FX Bodysculpting Program, I weighed 210lbs. After 9 months, I weighed 150lbs and felt better than ever. Before I started the program, I was uninspired to exercise, but the support and energy of my coach made all the difference in the world. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to know what it feels like to be in the best shape of your life.
I. Miller, Teacher


After 6 months training with Lean FX, I lost over 20lbs and felt more self-confident than ever. Shortly after, I met my husband. I can’t tell you what a tremendous impact the Lean FX program had on my life. It is one of the best choices I have ever made.
L. Tanner, Federal Procurement


I was already in good shape when I joined the Lean FX Program, but my workouts had become stale and I decided that I needed a new direction and some inspiration. Never having trained with weights before, I decided to give the Lean FX Program a shot – and for the first time, I felt what it was to really be in good shape. My doctor was astounded with the results: I lost 6% in bodyfat, lowered my blood pressure, and increased my bone density. This program works.
D. Anderson, Trial Attorney